Mothers in the Hood - An Interview with Cecilia Robinson

December 14, 2018

Mothers in the Hood - An Intro

A big part of the ‘why’ behind Claxton+Co. is our desire to encourage mums to remember who they are. To help them rediscover themselves, while embracing all that motherhood brings. To remind them that being a mum isn’t the end of their identity, it’s a part of it. 

In this series, Mothers in the Hood (MITH), I will be interviewing women from all walks of life and getting their take on motherhood, making time for themselves and finding the elusive mum/life balance. I hope this look at another mummas life will inspire and uplift you in some way, big or small.


Cecilia Robinson - My Food Bag and Robinson Duo




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Cecilia Robinson is the ultimate young female entrepreneur. She set up her first business, Au Pair Link when she was just 21, while juggling a law degree and working full time. Cecilia and her husband James then went on to found My Food Bag in March 2013 with Masterchef winner Nadia Lim and her husband Carlos Bagrie, along with former Telecom chief executive Theresa Gattung. The Robinsons stepped down from their role as CEO's in June to semi-retire, however they continue in their capacity as board members and Directors.

Cecilia was an obvious choice for my third Mothers in the Hood interview. Not only has she grown and lead two extremely successful business, she has a passion for mum's (and dad's) and their place in the workforce and knows better than anyone, the juggling act required to be a successful business person and a loving, attentive and present parent.


What does an average day look like for you?

Very variable, but the average day has lots of time with our kids balanced with intermittent job obligations.

If you were working before becoming a mum, how did you find the transition from working life to mum life?

We owned our business before we had Tom and when we had him, he basically just fitted in and we fitted in around him. We focused on his routine and ensuring that we balanced our job obligations. It made us better employers because we understood how to prioritise both your personal life and your career.

 Are there any opportunities that have come your way since becoming a mum, that may not have otherwise?

Understanding the challenges of a working mother is gold!

How do you balance mum life and boss life?

Being transparent of the fact that I priorities my family and kids (and you should too)!

Do you take time out for yourself/to pursue your own dreams? 

Yes, along with my husband.

What are your top tips for rediscovering/sustaining ‘you’ in amongst motherhood?

Ensuring that you take time out to read, go for walks and simply reflecting. And plenty of quality time with hubby!



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