What’s up with Claxton+Co?

July 01, 2019 3 Comments

If you’ve seen a recent social media post of ours, read our latest EDM, or noticed that things are a little different with the website, you might be wondering what’s going on.

I always wanted to be open and honest about starting up and running a small business, and the highs and lows that go along with it. It is amazing and hard, there are so many things to learn and do, and it can feel completely overwhelming at times. And so, to be honest, we have hit a tiny bump in the road here at Claxton+Co. and will be taking a few months to really iron it out.

I’m so proud of the product I designed and having nothing to hide when it comes to how our Moikeu bracelets are made, and I will always be honest if and when things change. The bracelets were, until very recently, being made here in my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. The wonderful jeweller who worked with me to make my design a reality, and continued to produce the bracelets for me once I started to sell them, decided she wanted more time to work on other commission pieces. She works full time as a jeweller for a well known jewellery brand, and does commission work too, so keeping up with the demand of producing the Moikeu bracelets was taking up much of her spare time. I can appreciate that completely and whilst I think I could find a replacement; my suspicion is that the same thing would happen time and time again.

So where does that leave us? Well, once the current stock (which btw is currently on sale) is gone that's it for a little while as we work our way through this next phase. Its likely that we will move production offshore. I'm still working through what this will look like, but what I do know is that the bracelets must be made to an exceptionally high and consistent standard using the best alloys, and any staff must be paid a living wage and work in exceptional conditions.

I will be using the next few months to do my research, make a few design tweaks, hopefully get samples produced and a production run underway, take new product shots, make the website more user friendly, and work on a new (non-jewellery) project.

Am I disappointed that things have panned out this way? Yes, but mostly no – I’m sad we have to put things on hold for a little while, but I honestly think it is for the best and I am embracing this next phase. I believe we will end up with a better product, and I have the opportunity to take all the lessons I have learnt so far and apply them. I am super excited about what the future holds for this little side hustle of mine…and believing that one day it will be my main hustle.

Thanks for reading and for your support so far.

Megan x

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July 01, 2019

Your honesty and work ethic are a constant inspiration to me and I can’t wait to see what you’re up to next! (I strongly believe it’ll be amazing). X

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