+ What is the difference between leather and vegan leather?
Leather is an animal by-product commonly used to make bags, shoes and clothing. It is a natural product that is hard wearing, durable and water resistant. However the work required to produce it means it is more expensive. Vegan leather is a leather alternative, designed to mimic the look and feel of leather, without the use of animal by-products. Our Vegan Leather is made using superfine nylon fibre and high grade polyurethane resins, and is Formaldehyde free.

+ How do I care for my Claxton+Co. vegan leather product?
Please refer to our care guide.


+ What does ‘naturally dyed’ mean?

When we say a garment is naturally dyed it means we have dyed it using dyes extracts found in nature - either foodstuffs (for example avocado skins/pips) or plants and trees. Our dyes are all sustainable sourced.

+ What’s the difference between natural and eco dyeing?

When we can’t quite find the shade we are after in the natural world we use Japanese eco dyes. These dyes are a combination of natural and synthetic products and they hold the OEKO-TEX Eco Passport Certification. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® identifies environmentally friendly chemicals, auxiliaries and colourants used in the textile and leather industry. Both the natural and are eco dyes we use are equally safe, gentle and non toxic.

+ Will the colour last?

Yes the goods have been prepared in a way to assist with the colour and lightfastness. With good care - a gentle wash using delicate detergent, and line drying the the shade - they will last well. However there may be some natural fading over time.  

+ Why sell pre-loved goods and are the pre-loved goods well cleaned?

We think giving pre-loved goods a second lease on life so they can be reused is one of the best things we can do for the planet. But we know sometimes the thought of using and wearing second hand goods can be a bit gross. You can rest assured that the pre-loved goods we sell are very clean. To achieve a good dye result we scour all our new and preloved goods. This involves simmering the garments for a couple of hours to remove any oil, dirty and impurities. The garments are also laundered after being dyed.

+ I’ve received my goods but there are a few imperfections, is this normal?

Yes it is - this is the beauty of natural dyeing. It’s not an exact science and each garment comes out with its own wonderful unique quirks. Our m.perfect goods are hand dyed by us so you will find variations in each piece. We are proud of these ‘character marks’ as it shows the love and dedication we have put into each and every piece.

+ Why are your pieces more expensive than other similar items?

We’ve all see tie dye in some of the larger chain stores but we can assure you those pieces weren’t produced in the same way as ours. We hand dye and sew many of our garments - the dyeing process alone takes up to ten hours! So yes you pay a little more, but you can rest in the knowledge that the garments are being made with love and care, and each is one of a kind.

+ How do I care for my naturally dyed goods?

Please refer to our care guide. 


+ What payment methods do you accept?
Payments can be made through our online store using credit card - Visa and Mastercard - or through Paypal. We also offer a Buy Now, Pay Later service through Laybuy.

+ How long will it take to receive my order?
New Zealand orders should arrive with you within 2-4 working days, Australian orders with 5-10 working days.

+ How much is shipping?
Shipping with New Zealand is $6.90, Rural (RD) shipping is $9.90. Shipping to Australia is $18.50. We send all our items tracked, and can not send to PO Boxes.

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+ Do you ship outside of New Zealand and Australia?
We are able to ship our Claxton+Co. products worldwide on request. Please contact us at hello@claxtonandco.co.nz and we will advise shipping costs. Please note our International shipping is sent untracked - this allows us to keep the cost down. Claxton+Co. is not liable should the items go missing in the post (we really hope this never happens!)

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